Monday, July 22, 2013

Spray Painting!

You know it has been a rough summer when you are excited to go outside because it's only 90 degrees! Well today we took advantage of the "break" in the heatwave and worked on letter recognition, letter sounds, letter associations, hand grip, fine motor control, gross motor control, and following directions while we "spray painted"!

We were all given spray bottles and asked to find the first letter in a given word and certain beginning letter sounds. Once we found them we got to spray paint them with our squirt bottles. We had a blast learning while being creative!

Later in the day we got a little silly with Mrs. Burns and had some fun before dismissal. We were doing what we do best; being hams in front of the camera and Mrs. Burns loves it!


  1. Such a fun, cute idea!

  2. 05/22/172
    Ms. Burns,

    For a 4-H project, I am making simple games to improve fine motor skills in children. I would love to include your idea of spray bottle painting in my project to present at the fair! Do I have your permission to use your idea of spray bottle painting? I would not be selling the activity and would include a direct link to your blog in my write-up.

    Thank you,
    Hope Dohlman