Monday, June 30, 2014

What Happens To A Fire Work When It is Finished Shining?

Today our journal entry was to use our imagination to answer the question of what happens to a fire work when it stops shining.  Afterwards we decorated our entry with fire works. We have been having a lot of fun coming up with creative answers to our fun questions.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What Would You Do?

Today we were challenged to tap into our imaginations for a fun writing project to go along with our World Cup Theme. We were asked "What would you do if you won the World Cup?" The challenge was to think of the best way one may celebrate winning something big.  Who would you want to see? How would you feel? What would you do next? These are all great questions to help build creative writing skills. We dictated our stories to Mrs. Burns. Check them out!

Before we started telling our story we took a moment to get into character as we posed for photo kicking in the winning goal.

We later had Mrs. Burns write down our story as we came up with the details. 

Then we put it all together!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup Math Time

We continued with our World Cup Theme today but making USA kits with a twist. We talked about the different colors, shapes, and sizes of each piece and answered a lot of questions based on our concepts. 

Concepts addressed include:
Small, Medium, Large
Bigger, Smaller
Longer, Shorter
Widest, Thinnest

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brazil Flag and Team Work

Today we talked about the differences between our flag, the American Flag, and Brazil's National Flag. We identified the different colors, shapes, and arrangements of both flags before making our own Brazilian Flag. To make our flag we needed to identify the different shapes on a Brazil flag. This was a great activity to reinforce shapes, color identification, comparisons, following directions, and fine motor skills. 

Later in the day we talked a lot about what it means to be a team. We talked about the importance of working together and how everyone has something special to offer to get a job done! Afterwards we worked together to build a fort! We did an awesome job with teamwork and can't wait to continue building our team skills!