Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks, Belly Breathing, & Meet Popping Penguin!


Our Nation's Birthday is just a few days away! Today we did a great science mini-experiment that made "fireworks" in a jar. We used 1/3 water and 2/3 vegetable oil, some food coloring, and alkaseltzer tablets to create our contained fireworks. After we enjoyed the show, we worked to build our handwriting skills by writing the word "Fireworks"! Afterwards we added a little flair and made our own fireworks. This activity helped us with letter sounds, handwriting, colors, descriptive language,  fine motor control, and following directions. 

A Lesson in Social Intelligence

Today we introduced our new friends to one of our favorite social intelligence techniques! Belly Breathe! We use belly breathing when we are upset. We use a fun song to remember just how to do it. We will be learning a lot of fun techniques and important skills during our social intelligence lessons in the future. To learn the song and see all the fun, follow the link: Belly Breathe.

Popping Penguin

Meet the the Popping Penguin! We learn a lot in just one day, so to help us recap our lessons before pack up, we play a fun game with Popping Penguin. We are asked a question about the day's lessons, or  something we are working on, and then we are given the opportunity to "pop" a friend! Popping Penguin helps build hand strength, control, and reaction time! Plus, we LOVE to pop and to be popped! 

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