Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Graphing 4th of July Fish & Meet Mood Bear

F is for Fourth, Freedom, Flag....and Fish! 

We continued building our math skills by sorting and graphing 4th of July goldfish today! We compared our colors, worked on "how many?", "less", and "more" concepts while also working on graphing, following directions, and fine motor control.

Educators: Visit Here for template.

Mood Bear

Today we continued to talk about how to read each other's facial expressions. To best understand what others faces are expressing we have to know what it is feels like ourselves. We began our lesson by doing Emotion Cards. This activity has a student draw a card and demonstrate the emotion to his or her friends through facial expressions. We have gotten pretty good at this game!

We had Angry:
 We had Sad:

We had Mrs. Burns' favorite, Happy:

We had scared:

We even had surprised:

...and we love happy so much, we even did it again! 

After our game we made our own Mood Bears! Mood Bears are fun because we can change our bear's face to any mood we want! First we decorated them and then we had some fun changing their emotions! To make your own mood bear visit: Mood Bear

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