Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snowmen At Night-Number Concepts with Snowmen

Snowmen At Night!

Our snowmen do all sorts of things at night! First we read Snowmen At Night as a class. We worked on our listening skills and made predictions based on pictures as well as what we had already read. Afterwards we made our own puffy snowmen by counting out chunks of snow! All of our snowmen's parts were DIFFERENT sizes but all three parts help to make a WHOLE snowman! We took a FEW pieces of snow chunks at a time to make our snowmen. We counted how many chunks of snow we used to make each circle.

Story predictions
Number Concepts
Number Recognition
Vocabulary & Concept Building (Whole, different, and few)
Fine Motor Control
Following Directions

Later we had a little fun making some penguins as well! 

Later we made fun penguins that helped us with our fine motor control!


  1. The snowmen are a sweet follow up to the snowflakes ! And look how fantastic they all look posted together for the children to admire! What a great self esteem booster to see and experience their own artwork through decorations ;D I love that part when I was a child!!! Thank you for sharing so simply as well!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! The students truly enjoyed this project and love being creative!