Monday, December 9, 2013

A Fun (Almost) Snow Day!

What a fun day! We had a delay due to the very unexpected snow storm from yesterday (a "coating" turned into 11 inches of snow!) so some of our friends didn't make it into school today. We missed our friends but enjoyed a visiting friend from our sister class down the hall! We had a full day of creating and learning together.

We were really feeling in the Holiday spirit after our first snowfall of the season. We worked on our color identification, fine motor control, and pattern making skills to make our own Holiday lights! We dipped our thumbs or fingers into paint and made light bulbs to enjoy.

With our leftover paint we had a chance to create! 

Later in the day we took advantage of the beautiful snow! We played in it right on our table! Some of us made snowmen, others of us just had fun playing in the cold, wet, snow inside. 

Later we painted in the snow!

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