Monday, November 4, 2013

Being Thankful

Today we talked about what it means to be thankful. We found out we all have a lot for which to be thankful! We made a list of those people and things and added them to our Thankful Turkeys. Our Turkeys were made up of three circles. The first one we painted ourselves and used as feathers in which Mrs. Burns wrote our reasons to be thankful. Our second circle was a "bigger" orange circle, and the head was a "smaller" circle. We worked with rectangles and triangles as well. This activity reinforced the meaning of thankful, as well as shapes, (circles, triangles, and rectangles) as well as reinforced "smaller", "larger", etc. Check out our turkeys and all for which we are thankful!

E is thankful for:
Hayrides, home, grandmom, mommy, daddy, sister, brother, & brother, drums, and TT

D is thankful for:
Legos, House, Mommy and Daddy, and numbers

P is thankful for:
Mommy, Daddy, and his Sister, guitar, hugging his mommy, daddy, and sister, Snoop, Remix, and Bear, and Mrs. Burns

M is thankful for:
Friends, Mommy, Daddy, Sean, Disney World, house, and Poppy

A is thankful for Mom, Dad, Friends, Mrs. Burns, her Dollhouse, and birds

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