Friday, September 9, 2016

The Kissing Hand-Welcome to Kindergarten!

I'm excited to say I will be teaching Kindergarten Reading and Math this year! We had a great first day of school this week. We read The Kissing Hand and made our very own Kissing Hand. We also used hearts to make our own Chester the Racoon from the story. Check it out!

We used a latex free rubber glove for our kissing hand. We packed it with gift paper and made sure to leave a little sticking out for fun. We sealed it up with a rubberband and drew a heart to make our own Kissing Hand. The activity also helped  build our fine motor control.

Later on in math class, we talked about shapes, pairs, and sizes. We used an extra large heart, two large hearts, three medium hearts, and two small hearts to make our Chester the Racoon.

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