Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dancing Turtles

 We continued our adventure through Brazil today by reading the book The Dancing Turtle by Pleasant DeSpain. A Brazilian Folktale that tells the tale of a flute playing and dancing turtle who tries to escape his captors.

After reading we made our own dancing turtles. The book and activity was great for making prediction, connecting texts to illustration, making inferences,   reinforcing color recognition, color mixing, fine motor control, sequencing, and following directions.

To make our turtles we painted two sides of our shells.

Then we used paper to twist our arms and legs, as well as the turtle's tail.

We added a balloon for the head...

We staples them all together (with help from Mrs. Burns and Miss Sarah).

They turned our great but we thought they were missing something... a bow...

 ...and a top hat! Our Dancing Turtles are complete!

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