Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Last Day!

It's been one incredible school year! We have done so much and learned even more through all of our adventures. We have grown in multiple ways. Check us out on our first day of school back in September. 

Today we celebrated a birthday, cherished some memories from the school year, meet a firefighter, and got to meet Ms. Angela's new baby girl Olivia (we've been waiting so long for her!). What a perfect way to finish out our school year.

First to Celebrate A Birthday!

Our Fire Fighter visitor taught us all about fire safety. We learned about smoke detectors, matches, what it means to stop, drop, and roll, and what a fire fighter would look like if we were ever in danger.

We also made t-shirts. Our shirts have all of our hand prints on them!

We even had a chance to thank Ms. Haley for all she did for us this year!

 And finally, we met little baby Olivia!

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  1. did you use an app to put the pictures together or did you just print both and cut?