Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spreading Germs-Hand Washing

We started our unit on Health this week! Our first four vocabulary words are clean, dirty, scrub, and rinse. Today we talked a lot about germs and how we can avoid spreading them. To demonstrate how easily germs can be spread we did a little experiment. Our "Germ Carrier" was covered in "germs" (glitter) and was asked to shake hands with his friends to say hello. Afterwards we looked at our hands to see if any of the germs spread...and guess what? They did!  Then we practiced scrubbing and rinsing our hands so that they were germ free!

Later we practiced our handwriting skills as we wrote scrub & rinse. We then decorated a set of hands with a lot of germs! This activity reinforced the importance of hand washing and understanding of germs. Fine motor control, handwriting, following directions, and social cues where also reinforced. 

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