Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our New Gel Board

Mrs. Burns made us a gel board! There is so much we can do with our new board but today we started with letter formations and loved it!

How to make your own gel board:
You need one large bottle of any hair gel. I used Dap hair gel, it's inexpensive and colored so it's still fun for the kids! I used two freezer zip lock bags to ensure no leaks occur. I then duct taped the bag down to a board so it could be used on the laps of my students or could become mobile and used anywhere in the room. I used fun colored duct tape to help with its appeal. I added the alphabet line from Handwriting Without Tears at the top as a guide for the students. They write letters and drew anything they wanted. They loved it! 


  1. How did you make these?

    Cute pictures!


    Preschool for Rookies

  2. Thanks for the comment! I made these boards with freezer bags and filled them with hair gel! I used Dep for this project. I then duct taped the bag to a hard surface (in this case a white dry erase board) and then added an alphabet strip to the top. Hope this helps! Enjoy!