Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghost in the House

We have been reading a fun story about a sweet ghost who runs into all of his friends during an evening stroll throughout his house. The book has helped us make predictions, with sequencing, and with counting both forward and backward. Last week we got to make our own friendly little ghost to go along with our story.

We used Elmers Glue, mixed with water, a small balloon, half of a paper cup to hold the balloon, and a roll of medical gauze.

We dipped pieces of our gauze in the glue mixture and draped it over our balloon. We made sure to have it touch the table so that when it dries the ghost has something to stand up on. We let our ghost dry over the weekend. Once dry, we removed the cup and balloon and had a free standing ghost! We added eyes and smile of course!

This is the second time I have done this with students. The first time was with bigger balloons and older students. If you would like to see that, check it out here.

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