Saturday, April 18, 2020

Recycled Moana Boats

This morning we started our day with a little Disney magic and watched Moana! Afterwards we got creative and did some more recycling while we making Moana's boat.

All you need for this fun project is an egg carton, a straw (or a pencil could work), paper for the sail, and some paint. 

Just cut the carton in half, paint, insert straw and tape your sale to it!

Flower Wind Chimes from Recycled Egg Cartons

Things look a little differently for me now. I no longer teach PreK for one, but I'm also at home, like most of you! We are currently into week six of quarantine and we have been getting creative at home. I now have a four and half year old and a newly turned two-year old as my blood....and my new students! We've been doing a ton of projects and I'd love to add them here. Hope you enjoy!

One thing we have been eating a lot of is eggs! We even found a farm that delivers them to us each week. This project was a lot of fun for both of my girls. The prep is pretty easy, just cut the carton along the natural lines to create the shorter "flowers" and the opposite lines to create the taller flowers. This project took two cartons for both girls, but you can use as many or as little as you'd like.

Once cut, just have them paint each one individually. Once dry, sting up on any stick. Tie knots between "flowers" to prevent them from slipping.

A smaller one:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Valentine's Day Counting Activitiy

Just wanted to post a quick one about this fun Valentine's Activity for young learners! Students work to match the digits on the left of the heart to the number of dots on the right of the heart. Students can check their work when they put the hearts together and see if they fit! A fun activity for multiple ages! Includes numbers 1-10! You can get your own here: Check it out!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Mixed Up Chameleon

Today we read The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. Afterward, we made our very own chameleons with tongues that can catch our dinner! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

"O" is for "Octopus"!

Today we studied the letter "O" and made our own octopus! We used the same shape as our astronaut helmets ("A" is for the "Astronaut"), an blotter for the tentacles, and some glue to make it all stick. We left the tabs on the side so we could make our octopus swim and look 3D on the bulletin board! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

"C" is for "Crab" (Hermit Crabs!)

Today we read Eric Carle's Hermit Crab. After discussing the book and talking about the letter C and sequencing, we made ourselves into a hermit crab. We took special care to decorate our shell just like the hermit crab in the story.

"T" is for Tortoise

After studying the letter "T" and reading the book, Clever Tortoise we got to make our own tortoises by stamping with bok choy! Using food waste to make something beautiful was a lot of fun! Bok choy prints make for great texture for our tortoises!