Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unity Cake

Unity Cake

Today we made something special by working together! Each step in our cake making process was important and we needed help from all of those around us to make it into a delicious treat.  The point of the unity cake is to demonstrate how working together can create something special. While creating that something special, why not learn in the process!

In order to make to a cake of any kind we need to know how to measure. We briefly discussed the different ways we could measure our ingredients but discovered the best method to be a measure cup. We practiced measuring things to the whole (ie, a cup).  measuring ingredients to the whole (1 cup). We talked about how important it is to measure carefully and slowly and we all had a chance to add something to the recipe.

Once our batter was made, we each got our  own bowls of batter with a Frosty the Snowman face (for fun!) of food coloring drops. 

We practiced mixing to find out what color we each had.

Then Mrs. Burns added our unique color batter to zip lock bags.

What a beautiful mess!

We then added a little bit of ourselves to our cake pans!

Always spinning :)

All of our colors together made a beautiful batter, ready to bake.

This project helped us understand how important each one of our friends are to our class. We need everyone's help to work together and we all bring something unique and special to the table.

This activity also reinforced color identification, math skills, following pictorial directions, as well as verbal and written directions, and fine motor control.

We also celebrated a birthday today! Happy Birthday D!

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