Monday, September 16, 2013

Find a Word to Describe How We Are Feeling

Feelings can be a mystery even for grown ups! If we could only find a word for the way that we are feeling, it would  be so much easier to express our emotions to those around us. During the past few Social Intelligence lessons we have been talking a lot about our feelings and the vocabulary that goes along with how we feel.

We love music and when given the opportunity to make connections through music, we jump on it! Thanks to Sesame Street's original songs like Mr. Common, Ms. Colbie, and Elmo's rendition of Belly Breathe, we have had our lessons on Social Intelligence enriched through music. We were so excited  to hear Dave Matthews and Grover had a brand new song all about what we had been working on---feelings!

After watching Mr. Dave and Grover's video, we talked about our own feelings. We practiced our emotion faces and had our friends guess what we were feeling. All of this developed into a fun project for our class!

We all posed for the camera while practicing many different emotions. Check out a few of our favorites. 






Once our photos were taken, the fun began!

We used our emotion faces to match our emotions to the words we were feeling. Check out our personalized games we made!

Once our boards were made, Ms. Burns added velcro to the back of our emotion pictures. We had a blast matching our emotion cards to the emotions sight words.


In addition to developing a better understanding of our feelings, this activity also helped us with shape recognition, color recognition, sight words, fine motor control, and following directions. 

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