Tuesday, July 16, 2013

25,000 Hits & The Number Five-Five Ice Cubes

Teach Them to Fly has surpassed 25,000 hits! What a milestone! A special thank you to all of our visitors. We hope you enjoy a special peek into our lives at school. 
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As we battle heatwave number 4 of the summer we thought what better way to battle the heat than an ice cold drink- sort of! While we worked with the number Five today we practice some of our fine motor control by counting to five on our fingers, counting five objects around the room, and then finally adding five ice cubes to our fictional juice! Stay cool out there!

This activity helped us with our fine motor control, our number recognition, our number concept skill building,  counting, and direction following.

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  1. Yeah for Mrs. Burns and her preschool class! I am so thrilled you can share your gifts and talents with so many! Thank you! ...our fingers have to work hard to help us count to 5 and the practice is so important! Thanks again for sharing "Teach Them to Fly" blog!!!! Congratulations!